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© Bank of Canada - used with permission

1986 Birds $2 Note - Printing on the Wrong Side

Banknotes go through several stages of printing. Between each stage, sheets are fed from one printing press to another. This example is one where the intaglio printing (the raised ink) was applied to the wrong side of the note, which means that the sheet of notes was fed into the printing process upside down at this particular stage!

© Bank of Canada - used with permission

For the final printing stage of adding serial numbers, the sheet was turned over once again, resulting in the serial numbers being on the incorrect side as well! This is a very unique error, and one that rarely escapes the distribution channels due to the obvious severity of the error.

This is not to be confused with "offset printing" which is much more common. Offset printing results in mirror-inverted images.

Contributor: canada-banknotes
Writer: Hudson Byblow

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